All detail revealed...

...10 years on... and this is the iriscope we were dreaming of all this time.
The IE60M v4 is the most advanced Iriscope available.
For 10 years our work has focused on the key goal:
Iriscope: Complete Iris photography package including the following:
  • Iris Lighting device / Iriscope IrisExplorer v4
  • Canon 60mm Macro lens
  • Canon DSLR EOS 1200D Camera
  • Adaptor tubes + Carry bag + SD memory card
High quality equipment:
Canon are synonymous with high quality photos and the IE lighting is specifically designed to be compatible with their lens and bodies.

The 60mm Macro lens is perfect for the task. Mounted on any Canon DSLR, the IE lighting will enable sharp photos which are true to the real colours of the iris.

  • High quality photo ensures the sharpness and true colours preserved
  • Focusing is automatic, a few seconds to photograph both irises makes it easy & quick to use: 
  • Cuts out most of the ambient light, thus less light pollution
  • Lateral lighting (optional) brings out certain types of structural details
  • Microchip controlled lighting On/Off with Left/Right & Dim
  • Specialised (Pulse-Modulated) LEDs: Giving a soft and perfect white colour caste, which interacts correctly with the camera settings to reveal the maximum detail
  • Designed for both blue & brown irises
  • Front opening fits all morphologies (adults & children)
  • Comfortable & hygienic
  • Standard 9v battery (easy to change & 100% safe)
  • Robust design, for repeated clinic & lab use over many years
Computer Requirements:
Any computer that enables you to view digital photos is enough. It doesn't make a difference if you're using Windows, Mac or Linux. However, we prefer Mac as the quality of their monitors is reliably very high, we also do recommend your screen size be 15" or more, as this makes the viewing of the photos easier. In general the larger and higher the resolution the screen, the better.

Recommended Software:
Mac: The standard “Preview” software is great... so just transfer the photos from the camera to a folder on your computer and double click the image.
(More advanced software, like iphoto, Aperture from Apple, are great for more advanced users).

Windows: Same as above, the standard software is great... so just transfer the photos from the camera to a folder on your computer and double click the image.
(Again there are hundreds of intermediate and advanced software options available on Windows)


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